Saturday, January 9, 2010

Only in Las Vegas.

What a week it was.. lots of wedding consultations, and a couple great "only in Las Vegas" tales to tell...

The first, was a display wedding cake for a very unique couple who were having their wedding ceremony in the middle of the AVN Convention... yes... at the Hustler booth. For those of you who are unfamiliar, please do not google.... it's otherwise known as the "adult expo" held at the Sands Convention Center every year. Eric & Vicki, who also happen to be in the adult industry, decided that was the perfect time and place to finally tie the knot... and then the next day, the reception was held at Sushi Samba, where we delivered their real 3-tier wedding cake. Although very untraditional and unconventional in all aspects, the one thing I can admire is that they made their special day about them. It's what every couple should do.. forget about all traditions and what your guests will think.. have fun and keep it uniquely you.. not necessarily endorsing marriage at the AVNs .. but I hope you get the underlying message..

So, I'm sure you are all wondering.. what does a porn star's wedding cake look like?
Well, at first I was very afraid of what they might want.. we keep things very pg-13 at Gimme Some Sugar, and their industry..well.. isn't so pg-13.
However, much to my surprise they wanted to keep both the display cake and actual wedding cake very traditional and classy. The display cake, of course, was more playful and had a little sexy going on... bow chika wow wow..
The wedding cake, definitely what you wouldn't expect... white on white with pearl beading

The following day, we had a few wedding consultations.. one of which couldn't help but stand out. The couple chose to opt out of a traditional wedding cake, and instead requested a tower of our boobylicious cupcakes to grace their wedding reception... with each cupcake decorated to match the bodice/corset of her wedding dress. Surprisingly, this is a first at GSS.. we've had quite a few bachelor, bachelorette, and bridal shower orders... but until now, not a wedding!
Again.. untraditional and unconventional, but they're keeping their wedding uniquely them... I guess even if that means having a boobylicious cupcake for each of their guests.

.. Gotta love Las Vegas...

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