Friday, January 15, 2010

Kid Rock, Ring Dive, TV.. oh my!

Here we go into the weekend with a baby shower cake, a couple cakelets, some boobylicious cupcakes, a few consultations and two birthday cakes for mister Kid Rock. excited? very.
Not going to spill any details, but the birthday cake he's getting at LAVO on Sunday will be nothing short of amazing! In fact... we've been blaring Cowboy, Bawitdaba, and All Summer Night aaall day in the kitchen.. you know, for inspiration of course!
Pictures will be posted on Monday!

In other news, next week we begin progress on the giant wedding cake for the ring dive at the Bridal Expo! We have the diamond ring here .. well, faux diamond ring, and no.. we will NOT be telling anyone the exact or approximate location within the cake ... Our lips are sealed.

Also, we are self proclaiming ourselves to be local celebrities after being on the air a total of 3 times next week. That's right, we will be on channel 13 and channel 5 promoting the Bridal Expo and this crazy ring dive! Tuesday 1/19 we will be on FOX 5 MORE! at 10:30am... then Wednesday 1/20 on Channel 13 at 8:30am with Mister Markie Mark -the man behind the Bridal Expo- ... and to finish the week we'll make another appearance Friday, on Fox 5 with extreme Amy early in the am. Yup, we're kind of a big deal :)
Tune in and shout out "I know them, I know them.." when you see us on your TV!

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