Monday, March 8, 2010

The "O-word"

Did you know the famous set of 5 rings, and the O-word (shh... Olympics) are both trademarked and really strict on their usage? Well, it's true.. and we found this out prior to creating a tiered celebration cake for the Winter Games Opening ceremonies viewing party held at Lagasse Stadium here in Las Vegas, hosted by 7-time US Olympian (Swimming)/Playboy centerfold Amanda Beard! exciting!

This tall 4-tier summer-winter games themed cake incorporated each of the 7 medals won by Amanda (2 Gold, 4 silver, and 1 bronze.. to be exact) as well as the USA Flag, and the flames of the O-Torch. She even requested her favorite... Red Velvet and Cream Cheese! That's our girl!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Busy Bees...

So much to get caught up on.. laundry, check! Order everything we've been without for the past 2 weeks, check! and finally do some blogging, double check!

The past two weekends have been nothing short of crazy in our cake studio.. a handful more of great Celeb Cakes, along with Valentines Day madness. Needless to say, we've been majorly slacking on our new blog... if it were a goldfish, it would've been flushed down the toilet by now.

So to catch you all up to speed here's a recap of noteworthy events :)

UFC Badass Tito Ortiz and his well-known wifey Miss Jenna Jameson celebrating his belated Birthday at LAVO. Of course we had to incorporate the UFC cage and color motif.. The pics say it all... I'm pretty sure he loved his cake!

Kim Kardashian and beau/Superbowl champ Reggie Bush at her Pre- Valentines Bash at TAO Nightclub. We created a fun red bubble heart for the couple, complete with a golden chocolate queen's crown!

Paris Hilton celebrated her 29th Birthday at TAO Nightclub with a 5-tier Paris-centric cake! Lots of Pink, glitter, shoeboxes, and shopping bags. Fun details we added to the stack include a sexy black heel, chocolate diamonds, and a princess tiara!

Eva Longoria was honored with the Premio de Oro, for distinguished business leadership .. and the day was even proclaimed "Eva Longoria Day" here in Las Vegas.. kind of a big deal! .. she is the only female nightclub owner in our city... and it was an honor for us GSS girls to create a cake for her to celebrate with! Gold Embellished, check! Sexy spanish flair, check! Congrats Eva!

Hip Hop Artist Kelis made a first appearance for her comeback at EVE Nightclub, where she preformed a new single along with a remix of her famous previous one-hit-wonder "Milkshake" .. yup.. you know the song, even if you don't listen to hip hop music.. it's like not knowing Ice, Ice Baby.... Okay, back to the cake.. Of course, she celebrated the night with a GIANT Strawberry Milkshake cake, complete with chocolate straws and glittered fondant cherry! And if you need to know, yes... the milkshake cake brought all the boys to the yard... damn right it was better than yours... and we'd teach you, but of course we'd have to charge....

Kim Kardashian just launched her new Fragrance last weekend at TAO Nightclub with a killer cake replica of her sexy new perfume bottle...
Quick Cake Stats:
Height: 2 feet tall
Weight: Well, I was able to carry it all the way through the casino!
Flavor: White Butter Cake with Caramel Buttercream
Fun Fact: This cake is featured in this week's OK Magazine.. with a GSS shoutout.. woot woot!


Saturday, February 6, 2010


The last couple weeks have been full of celebrity cakes at TAO and LAVO.. two of the most popular and star-studded restaurants/nightclubs here in Vegas.
We are so very lucky to get the opportunity to create some fun cakes for celeb birthdays!
Whether it's a ginormous sculpted masterpiece or a small 6" round, we hope that it makes their celebration that much sweeter... We aim to make each cake unique to the celeb photographed with it.. hmm... in fact you could say it's probably a lot like the outfit they're wearing... it'll only be photographed once.. :)

Here's a short recap of our celebs and their unique birthday cakes!

Dan Finnerty (of the Dan Band) ...who was surprised with this Vegas-themed birthday cake by his wifey Kathy Najimy. His chocolate cookies & cream cake was also enjoyed by Ricki Lake, Camryn Manheim, Adam Corolla, Helen Hunt, and Nia Vardalos... quite the party!

Jessa, who happens to be the lucky bff of Miss Kirsten Dunst, celebrated her birthday at Lavo. After dinner, Kirsten suprised her bestie with a fun Lavo-inspired birthday cake!

Miss Laura Croft, Playboy Model, Miss July 2008, and star of new reality show "Holly's World" celebrated her birthday at Tao with bf and co-star Holly Madison. Sparklers were lit, Dj was spinning 50 cent "in the club", her pretty pink birthday cake was brought out.. and she probably partied like it's her birthday..

Nick Carter .. Backstreet Boy approximately 8 years ago, and star of hit reality series "House of Carters", celebrated his 30th Birthday at TAO. He looks thrilled to be there.
I'm not quite sure why the zero is missing from the 3, or why there is a giant hole in the front of the cake... party animal couldn't wait to take a bite..

Melissa Arseniuk, The Associate Editor of Vegas Seven at Wendoh Media celebrated her birthday at TAO with a pretty little black & pink striped birthday cake!

Last but not least, Miss Vanessa Rousso.. Pro Poker star and Sports Illustrated Model celebrated her 27th Birthday at TAO. Her fun birthday cake featured a cluster of pink glittery poker chips on top (although the pic has a major glare from the flash... hmm. maybe too much glitter.. wait, no such thing!

On a side note... since they are such popular questions...
No the celebs themselves do not typically order the cakes from us... they have their people to do those things for them.
No, we don't get the chance to meet them, party with them and/or serve the cake at the club... ...unless that celeb happens to be on the list... yes, the list.
The list includes our top 5-ish people that we would love creating a cake for... no we won't tell, it might jinx us.. and we can't risk that!
We'll make sure to let you know when we check one off...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bridal Expo News!

Phew! What a Sunday!

Here's the math...
100 plus pounds of Buttercream + 22 sheets of cake + 0 sleep + 1 little faux Diamond Ring= The Giant Wedding Cake for the Ring Dive at the Bridal Expo!
Not only did we accomplish this feat... but we also managed to prepare copious amounts of cake samples, a couple new displays, and even found time to do our makeup that morning.. yes, we rock! Okay, so we did have A LOT of help from our fabulous team of moms and Miss Bonnie.. couldn't have pulled it off without them!

Let's get back to that Giant cake.. measurements 30" 24" and 18" square tiers.
Notice the eloquently piped designs in white and pink buttercream.. pink swags.. check! It's the first in our retro glam collection.. all the rage in 2010... brides, take notes...
Actually, I'm sure this monstrosity is more suited to be featured on! haha
But we had a blast putting on those finishing touches!
What was even more fun and made the project well worth the lack of sleep was seeing the 5 brides tear through the layers of cake and hot pink buttercream to find that diamond ring.
Dig girls, Dig!
Yes, they made a mess... and thank goodness we only volunteered to set-up that giant cake.. not clean up the destruction!
Congrats to the lucky bride-to-be who found the faux ring and won a $4,000 REAL diamond ring!

We really appreciate all of the Brides, Grooms, bridesmaids, moms, and vendor friends who stopped by our booth on Sunday! Thanks to all who came here to our blog and voted for their favorite cake flavors to be sampled at the show! Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup was the definitive winner, followed by sexy red velvet and luscious lemon! Cookies & Cream took fourth place, but didn't make the cut.. maybe next time little guy!
A special shout out to our winning tweeters, who followed us at the show and took home some fun swag! You brides rock!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First TV Appearances!

No autographs please.. we are busy girls! haha...
Yes! We were lucky enough to have 2 TV interviews last week leading up to the big Bridal Expo at Mandalay Bay!
The First was Tuesday morning on the MORE! show on FOX 5 . We were featured on a segment titled "celeb birthday cakes". I'm sure you could tell we were a little nervous on air... well, because we were! Off camera though, we really had fun chatting with the More crew.. who were all incredibly nice by the way! We sweetened the deal by bringing them 2 miniature cakelets shaped and decorated as old school tv's as well as a dozen boobylicious cupcakes!
holding our adorable tv cakelets...

Photo-op with Arran, Jason (with a mouthful of cupcake), and Monica... say cheese, um.. I mean cake!

To see our interview follow this link !

The second spot was on Channel 13 News, which aired several times last Friday In this segment we were featured along with the amazing Miss Theresa of Enchanted Florist. Also with us in studio were Mark Schaffer of Las Vegas Bride/man behind the bridal expo, and Miss Nicole from Bridal Galleria at Tux One ...waiting around in the studio at 8:30 in the am definitely wouldn't have been so fun if we didn't have some great company!

We brought in a couple of our favorite display cakes, Betsey and Pearl and a few cakelets.. Rather than celeb cakes, this interview focused more on wedding trends and our philosophies on wedding cake designs. Well for yourselves!

Happy Birthday to Kid Rock!

... As promised (and only a little late) here are the pics of our latest celeb birthday cake!
Mr Kid Rock celebrated his 39th birthday at LAVO this past Sunday, and we sweetened the celebration with not one, but 2 cakes. The first was enjoyed at his dinner reservation, and the other, which has been seen everywhere from to nightlife websites, and even TMZ... was brought out to the birthday boy later that night in the nightclub!

Quick Cake Stats:
GIANT Jim Beam Bottle
Height: 20"
Flavor: White cake filled with chocolate ganache.
Construction details: To prevent the tall bottle from falling over the cake was built on a large wooden dowel connected to the base.
Design Details: The logo was in fact, hand piped

Photos by Al Powers

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kid Rock, Ring Dive, TV.. oh my!

Here we go into the weekend with a baby shower cake, a couple cakelets, some boobylicious cupcakes, a few consultations and two birthday cakes for mister Kid Rock. excited? very.
Not going to spill any details, but the birthday cake he's getting at LAVO on Sunday will be nothing short of amazing! In fact... we've been blaring Cowboy, Bawitdaba, and All Summer Night aaall day in the kitchen.. you know, for inspiration of course!
Pictures will be posted on Monday!

In other news, next week we begin progress on the giant wedding cake for the ring dive at the Bridal Expo! We have the diamond ring here .. well, faux diamond ring, and no.. we will NOT be telling anyone the exact or approximate location within the cake ... Our lips are sealed.

Also, we are self proclaiming ourselves to be local celebrities after being on the air a total of 3 times next week. That's right, we will be on channel 13 and channel 5 promoting the Bridal Expo and this crazy ring dive! Tuesday 1/19 we will be on FOX 5 MORE! at 10:30am... then Wednesday 1/20 on Channel 13 at 8:30am with Mister Markie Mark -the man behind the Bridal Expo- ... and to finish the week we'll make another appearance Friday, on Fox 5 with extreme Amy early in the am. Yup, we're kind of a big deal :)
Tune in and shout out "I know them, I know them.." when you see us on your TV!