Saturday, February 6, 2010


The last couple weeks have been full of celebrity cakes at TAO and LAVO.. two of the most popular and star-studded restaurants/nightclubs here in Vegas.
We are so very lucky to get the opportunity to create some fun cakes for celeb birthdays!
Whether it's a ginormous sculpted masterpiece or a small 6" round, we hope that it makes their celebration that much sweeter... We aim to make each cake unique to the celeb photographed with it.. hmm... in fact you could say it's probably a lot like the outfit they're wearing... it'll only be photographed once.. :)

Here's a short recap of our celebs and their unique birthday cakes!

Dan Finnerty (of the Dan Band) ...who was surprised with this Vegas-themed birthday cake by his wifey Kathy Najimy. His chocolate cookies & cream cake was also enjoyed by Ricki Lake, Camryn Manheim, Adam Corolla, Helen Hunt, and Nia Vardalos... quite the party!

Jessa, who happens to be the lucky bff of Miss Kirsten Dunst, celebrated her birthday at Lavo. After dinner, Kirsten suprised her bestie with a fun Lavo-inspired birthday cake!

Miss Laura Croft, Playboy Model, Miss July 2008, and star of new reality show "Holly's World" celebrated her birthday at Tao with bf and co-star Holly Madison. Sparklers were lit, Dj was spinning 50 cent "in the club", her pretty pink birthday cake was brought out.. and she probably partied like it's her birthday..

Nick Carter .. Backstreet Boy approximately 8 years ago, and star of hit reality series "House of Carters", celebrated his 30th Birthday at TAO. He looks thrilled to be there.
I'm not quite sure why the zero is missing from the 3, or why there is a giant hole in the front of the cake... party animal couldn't wait to take a bite..

Melissa Arseniuk, The Associate Editor of Vegas Seven at Wendoh Media celebrated her birthday at TAO with a pretty little black & pink striped birthday cake!

Last but not least, Miss Vanessa Rousso.. Pro Poker star and Sports Illustrated Model celebrated her 27th Birthday at TAO. Her fun birthday cake featured a cluster of pink glittery poker chips on top (although the pic has a major glare from the flash... hmm. maybe too much glitter.. wait, no such thing!

On a side note... since they are such popular questions...
No the celebs themselves do not typically order the cakes from us... they have their people to do those things for them.
No, we don't get the chance to meet them, party with them and/or serve the cake at the club... ...unless that celeb happens to be on the list... yes, the list.
The list includes our top 5-ish people that we would love creating a cake for... no we won't tell, it might jinx us.. and we can't risk that!
We'll make sure to let you know when we check one off...