Monday, January 25, 2010

Bridal Expo News!

Phew! What a Sunday!

Here's the math...
100 plus pounds of Buttercream + 22 sheets of cake + 0 sleep + 1 little faux Diamond Ring= The Giant Wedding Cake for the Ring Dive at the Bridal Expo!
Not only did we accomplish this feat... but we also managed to prepare copious amounts of cake samples, a couple new displays, and even found time to do our makeup that morning.. yes, we rock! Okay, so we did have A LOT of help from our fabulous team of moms and Miss Bonnie.. couldn't have pulled it off without them!

Let's get back to that Giant cake.. measurements 30" 24" and 18" square tiers.
Notice the eloquently piped designs in white and pink buttercream.. pink swags.. check! It's the first in our retro glam collection.. all the rage in 2010... brides, take notes...
Actually, I'm sure this monstrosity is more suited to be featured on! haha
But we had a blast putting on those finishing touches!
What was even more fun and made the project well worth the lack of sleep was seeing the 5 brides tear through the layers of cake and hot pink buttercream to find that diamond ring.
Dig girls, Dig!
Yes, they made a mess... and thank goodness we only volunteered to set-up that giant cake.. not clean up the destruction!
Congrats to the lucky bride-to-be who found the faux ring and won a $4,000 REAL diamond ring!

We really appreciate all of the Brides, Grooms, bridesmaids, moms, and vendor friends who stopped by our booth on Sunday! Thanks to all who came here to our blog and voted for their favorite cake flavors to be sampled at the show! Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup was the definitive winner, followed by sexy red velvet and luscious lemon! Cookies & Cream took fourth place, but didn't make the cut.. maybe next time little guy!
A special shout out to our winning tweeters, who followed us at the show and took home some fun swag! You brides rock!

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