Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Busy Bees...

So much to get caught up on.. laundry, check! Order everything we've been without for the past 2 weeks, check! and finally do some blogging, double check!

The past two weekends have been nothing short of crazy in our cake studio.. a handful more of great Celeb Cakes, along with Valentines Day madness. Needless to say, we've been majorly slacking on our new blog... if it were a goldfish, it would've been flushed down the toilet by now.

So to catch you all up to speed here's a recap of noteworthy events :)

UFC Badass Tito Ortiz and his well-known wifey Miss Jenna Jameson celebrating his belated Birthday at LAVO. Of course we had to incorporate the UFC cage and color motif.. The pics say it all... I'm pretty sure he loved his cake!

Kim Kardashian and beau/Superbowl champ Reggie Bush at her Pre- Valentines Bash at TAO Nightclub. We created a fun red bubble heart for the couple, complete with a golden chocolate queen's crown!

Paris Hilton celebrated her 29th Birthday at TAO Nightclub with a 5-tier Paris-centric cake! Lots of Pink, glitter, shoeboxes, and shopping bags. Fun details we added to the stack include a sexy black heel, chocolate diamonds, and a princess tiara!

Eva Longoria was honored with the Premio de Oro, for distinguished business leadership .. and the day was even proclaimed "Eva Longoria Day" here in Las Vegas.. kind of a big deal! .. she is the only female nightclub owner in our city... and it was an honor for us GSS girls to create a cake for her to celebrate with! Gold Embellished, check! Sexy spanish flair, check! Congrats Eva!

Hip Hop Artist Kelis made a first appearance for her comeback at EVE Nightclub, where she preformed a new single along with a remix of her famous previous one-hit-wonder "Milkshake" .. yup.. you know the song, even if you don't listen to hip hop music.. it's like not knowing Ice, Ice Baby.... Okay, back to the cake.. Of course, she celebrated the night with a GIANT Strawberry Milkshake cake, complete with chocolate straws and glittered fondant cherry! And if you need to know, yes... the milkshake cake brought all the boys to the yard... damn right it was better than yours... and we'd teach you, but of course we'd have to charge....

Kim Kardashian just launched her new Fragrance last weekend at TAO Nightclub with a killer cake replica of her sexy new perfume bottle...
Quick Cake Stats:
Height: 2 feet tall
Weight: Well, I was able to carry it all the way through the casino!
Flavor: White Butter Cake with Caramel Buttercream
Fun Fact: This cake is featured in this week's OK Magazine.. with a GSS shoutout.. woot woot!



  1. You ladies do some amazing work with one of my favorite mediums: cake! Love it. My favorite is the milkshake. That is so stylized that it literally is art. I am so impressed with your work. I would like to do a feature article on your work soon. Maybe we can do an email interview sometime?

  2. Hey Chris, thanks so much! We promise to get our blog more up to date, it's our 2011 goal!!

    We love when articles have us featured, haha, feel free to email us at info@gimmesomesugarLV.com

    Thanks Chris!