Monday, December 21, 2009

Meet Ashley ... ... ...

Hello All!

I'm the "behind the scenes" kind of girl for Gimme Some Sugar, but figured I would introduce myself since I witness the day to day of Kristen and Miranda and will be contributing to the blog. Kristen and I met when we both were student-athletes at Western Oregon University and ever since then, including hundreds of miles of separation, our friendship continued and our passion for opening up cake studio wouldn't go away. After years of talking, we finally decided to go forth with the business and Kristen introduced me to Miranda and we all three decided to open up the doors to Gimme Some Sugar.

I guess a little about me, although I live a pretty simple life... I'm married to my wonderful husband, Kevin, and we had the pleasure of having our amazing wedding cake done by Gimme Some Sugar! I graduated from Western Oregon with a Business Management degree and worked for the Phoenix Coyotes, NHL team, for the past 3 years in Customer Service and Business Development. I now run the financial/business side of things including my title as "Dishwashing Extraordinaire" for Gimme Some Sugar.

I'm so excited for the future of Gimme Some Sugar and Kristen and Miranda are such talented girls and am still in awe every time I see one of their pieces of art, not to mention that they taste amazing! I love getting to eat their scraps :) They are fun to work with (especially when I'm sitting in the office working and they are in the kitchen making up dances and singing along to music while baking) ... tone deaf and baking do not go together, but glad they are sticking to baking! Sidenote--I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that ... but one day I'm going to catch them on video and post it, so stay tuned! ... but we all have fun and have a passion for what we are doing and I can't wait to watch Gimme Some Sugar grow to be the top Cake Studio in Vegas!

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